Saturday, May 12, 2007

Red Bank, New Jersey

One of my favorite towns is Red Bank, New Jersey. When I first came to New Jersey I spent two weeks at the Molly Pitcher Inn waiting for my apartment in Atlantic Highlands to become available. This was in 1988 and Red Bank was starting its transformation. Red Bank has gone from being nicked named Dead Bank to being a thriving town of many restaurants, night clubs and interesting shops.

Red Bank has become a center for the Antique Trade (on Front Street). At first most of this activity was on the edge of town but know it is possible to browse for furniture and knick knacks on Broad Street and Monmouth Street.

Jack's Music Shoppe ( is a great place to buy CDs, sheet music and musical instruments. When I first move to New Jersey Jack's was across the street from its current location and had a huge selection of musical instruments. Now the instrument selection is smaller but the CD/Video/Sheet Music select is huge. Jack's Music Shoppe can be scene in Kevin Smith's movie "Chasing Amy". Kevin Smith's Comic Book Store "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash" ( is across the street.

The picture above is the entrance to Monmouth Music ( The guitar playing Elvis in the front window is a local favorite. Monmouth Music is a great place to buy musical instruments. Say hi to Nick when you stop in. Sign up for a music lesson and make an attempt to recapture your youth.

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