Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scotty Cranmer BMX Rider (Jackson, New Jersey Local Hero)

I usually look forward to the Summer X Games. Every year I get excited about a different event. Originally it was skateboard on the half pipe, then it was BMX on the half pipe and one year I was really fascinated by the Moto X Step Up competion (High Jump for motorcycles). Lately, I have been into the park events for both skateboarding and BMX.

Last summer (2006) I was watching the BMX park and I noticed a rider by the name of Scotty Cranmer (he took gold in the BMX Park). I found out that Scotty is a teenager from Jackson, New Jersey (home of Six Flags Great Adventure).

Here is a short clip that was posted on Youtube. Kind of gives a mini bio.

Just to show how hard it is to do what these guys do I have included a link to this clip on Youtube that shows a crash that Scotty had in competion in 2006.

I find it interesting that the folks that compete in the X Game events are able to convince them selves that they are not going to get hurt. Even though they know that the opposite is true. All of them have fallen and broken bones. Still they heal and try it again (maybe even try it again before they heal). For every perfect run there are hundreds of times that things did not go well. Even a bruise can hurt like hell.

The art is in making something hard look easy. Check this clip out.

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